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Fall in Love

With the Darker Side of Wine

Everyone has a darker side. The allure of noir allows people to be a little edgier, a little racier than their everyday selves. Love Noir wine fulfills that desire with the promise of sultry, fruit forward flavors and luxurious textures. In this unique style, richness and decadence are king. Love Noir gives wine consumers this freedom with a wine that tastes remarkably more expensive than it is. From the first alluring sip to the last, this is Love Noir. Fall in love with the darker side of wine.

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Andrea Beltran

Winemaker Andrea Beltran brings a passion for agriculture and a gifted palate to Love Noir®. Hailing from a family of farmers, Andrea’s dedication to growing prized grapes runs through her veins. Her labor of love in the vineyards paired with her fascination in the science of winemaking is evident through Love Noir’s rich, decadent taste profile. An avid runner, baker, and Sodoku-extraordinaire, Andrea brings a passion to Love Noir that allows you to take a sip and fall in love with the darker side of wine.